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Epic Psionic Powers[править]

The following adjustments should be made if taking psionic characters to epic levels.

Epic Psionic Seeds[править]

Psionic characters can acquire epic powers. Generally, all the epic spell rules work for epic powers as well, except as noted below for displays.

Psionic characters take the Epic Manifestation feat, which works just like the Epic Spellcasting feat. The prerequisites for this feat are 24 ranks of Psicraft, 24 ranks of Knowledge (psionics), and the ability to manifest 9th-level psionic powers.

Just as spellcasters use no spell slots to cast epic spells, psionic characters use no power points to manifest epic powers. Instead, they freely manifest their known epic powers a number of times per day equal to their Knowledge (psionics) skill divided by 10 (round down).

Table: Psionic Seeds[править]

Base Psicraft DC Base Psicraft DC
Psychometabolism Telepathy
Fortify 17 Compel 19
Slay 25 Contact 23
Transform 21 Delude 14
Heal 50 Psychokinesis
Psychoportation Dispel 19
Banish 27 Energy 19
Summon 14 Reflect 27
Transport 27 Destroy 29
Clairsentience Ward 14
Afflict 14 Metacreativity
Foresee 17 Armor 14
Reveal 19 Conjure 21
Conceal 17 Animate dead 23
Animate 25
Life 55

Table: Psionic Factors[править]

Psicraft DC Modifier
Seed within primary discipline –5
Hide visual display (epic psionic seeds substitute one Vi display for V and S components) +4

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