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Kinetic Control
Spellcraft DC: 100
Components: V, S
Range: 1}}{{#vardefine: target|1}}{{#vardefine: effect|1}}{{#vardefine: area|1}}Ошибка выражения: неопознанный символ пунктуации «{»
Duration: 12 hours or until discharged
To Develop: 927,000 gp; 19 days; 37,080 XP. Seeds: ward (5 points against bludgeoning and piercing) (DC 14), reflect (DC 27). Factors: also against slashing (+4 DC), additional 15 points of protection (+30 DC), contingent reflection of damage on creature touched (+25 DC).

Once a character has cast this spell, he or she can absorb, store, and redirect the energy contained in any physical (melee or ranged) attack. The character absorbs 20 points of each separate slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing attack made against him or her, saving it for later. A character can absorb up to 150 points of damage in this fashion; however, if the stored damage is not discharged prior to reaching the 150-point limit, the spell automatically discharges, dealing the 150 points of damage to the character. The character keeps track of the number of points of damage he or she has absorbed (the character doesn’t have to keep track of the type of damage). At any time during the spell’s duration, the character can make a touch attack against another creature or object. If successful, the character deals the target some or all (character’s choice) of the points of damage he or she has stored. The damage delivered is considered bludgeoning damage. A character can absorb and discharge damage any number of times during the spell’s duration, so long as the character doesn’t absorb more than 150 points at a time. When the spell expires, any stored damage the character has not redirected is discharged into the character.

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