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Named characters[править]

Joanna Edwards[править]

  • agent 003
  • a stunning blond
  • could have been an Olympic Gymnast as a teenager
  • expert in Aikido
  • once jumped out of a burning aeroplane with Peter Gosling
  • expert parachutist
  • flick knife
  • cool under pressure

Sergeant Peter Gosling[править]

  • royal regiment of fusiliers
  • stationed at Buckingham Palace as part of the current guard
  • bats for the other side, but is still in-the-closet.
  • once jumped out of a burning aeroplane with Joanna Edwards
  • brother of Michael Gosling, a PACE oeprative

Michael Gosling[править]

  • a PACE operative
  • brother of Peter Gosling, Sergeant of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Prince Reginald[править]

  • son of the Duke of Kent

Thomas (Tom) Larkin[править]

  • diamond trader
  • just returned from South Africa

Domingo Alvarez[править]

  • a reporter at the Daily Mail

Raoul Lуpez Covas[править]

  • elite PACE operative (x2)
  • FN-P90 submachine gun
  • has a pair of handcuffs
  • cool under pressure

Unnamed characters[править]

Bad guy #1[править]

  • skydiving experience
  • has to deliver an object 003 wants - object lost during scene #1
  • Astra A-80 pistol
  • broken and bleeding nose

Probably deceased.

Jumper #2[править]

Sky-dove in scene #1, status unknown.

Mission officer[править]

  • unconscious (presently)

Male PACE shadow operative[править]

Deceased and eliminated.

Female PACE shadow operative[править]

  • PACE shadow operative
  • unconscious (presently)
  • Domingo Alvarez's cousin
  • aware of certain details about the assassination attempt that were not published in the Daily Mail manifesto

Character templates[править]

PACE shadow operative[править]

  • trained in close quarters combat
  • standard-issue PACE knife
  • reckless disregard for his own saftey