Universalis 2

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Turn order and coins left

  1. Adam (4)
  2. Phil (20)
  3. Sean (16)
  4. Cat (2)

Scene #2: A Room with a View

Framed by Cat.

Control indicated by letter: A, P, S or C.

Secret base (C)
- {{#replace:under a pub, in a London suburb, low on resources, fact: MI-6 offices have an "oh shit" code that can be punched into the phone system to raise an alarm|, |
- }}
Joanna Edwards, 003 (C)
- {{#replace:stunning blond, could have been an Olympic Gymnast, expert in Aikido, once jumped out of a burning aeroplane with Peter Gosling, expert parachutist, flick knife, cool under pressure|, |
- }}
Female PACE shadow operative (A)
- {{#replace:PACE shadow operative, unconscious, Domingo Alvarez's cousin, aware of certain details about the assassination attempt that were not published in the Daily Mail manifesto|, |
- }}
Mission officer (C)
- {{#replace:unconscious|, |
- }}
Male PACE shadow operative
- {{#replace:PACE shadow operative|, |
- }}
Raoul Lуpez Covas (S)
- {{#replace:elite PACE operative (x2), FN-P90 submachine gun, cool under pressure|, |
- }}
Two pairs of handcuffs (S) Small black box
- {{#replace:had to be delivered by bad guy, priceless contents, retrieved by PACE|, |
- }}
Master component:
Shadow pace operative
- {{#replace:trained in close quarters combat, standard-issue PACE knife, reckless disregard for his own saftey|, |
- }}

Previous scenes

Scene #1: Look before you Leap

Framed by Adam.



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