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"Locations can be thought of as stage sets. They are the backdrops for the action." -- Universalis, p 32

Named locations[править]

Carribean Sea[править]

Isle of Teeth[править]

"As he lead his small band of men into the forest, Will sought to reassure himself. He too had heard the sinister tales about the “Isle of Teeth”, named for the vicious reefs and rocks lurking just below sea level on most sides of the island. All of his considerable skill had been needed to safely pilot the boat through those teeth on on to dry land. The stories were superstition and fear and easily dismissed in the bright light of day, but a small doubt gnawed away in his mind" --Scene #4

  • an isle (role)
  • Isle of Teeth (proper name)
  • sinister reputation
  • reefs and rocks surrounding

Unnamed locations[править]

Tropical beach[править]

"Looking around, Nicole found herself in an inlet along a tropical shoreline, a few dozen yards from the beach, surrounded by flotsam from the battle." -- Scene #3

  • along an inlet
  • clear blue sky
  • littered with flotsam