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Framed by NeonWhite.

Meanwhile, a couple of miles away, Will Bowyer was having trouble convincing his men to moor the small rowboat in the quiet inlet.“Curse you blasted cowards! I don’t care if this is the cursed home of Lucifer and his host of Demons. You will follow orders and land this boat or I’ll drown each and every one of you like the rats you are!”

Uttering “Deus, adiuva nos!” (God, help us!) and with many fearful signs-of-the-cross, the crew pull hard against the waves, maneuver the boat up to the rocks and secure the bowline. The men clamber out and take stock of the lush island surroundings.

Will pointed to the high cliffs overlooking the ocean to the East. “We’ll make for that outcropping, tend a watch fire and wait for rescue. A couple of days at most by my estimation and we’ll see another merchant ship. Don’t you lads worry yerselves. Those stories are naught but wives-tales told to frighten children.”

As he lead his small band of men into the forest, Will sought to reassure himself. He too had heard the sinister tales about the “Isle of Teeth”, named for the vicious reefs and rocks lurking just below sea level on most sides of the island. All of his considerable skill had been needed to safely pilot the boat through those teeth on on to dry land. The stories were superstition and fear and easily dismissed in the bright light of day, but a small doubt gnawed away in his mind.

The sun rose high in the sky as the men forged further inland, seeking a clear path around to the top of the cliffs. They moved in single-file, at times struggling against the close vegetation.

Alano had been having trouble keeping up all morning. The gash in his thigh ached and the strip of cloth he had wrapped around it was now soaked with the deep crimson colour of his blood. Will pursued a relentless pace and Alano fell farther and farther behind…

Not accustomed to a life of danger, Alano had enough trouble keeping from what sailors would call "whining". He knew that compared to them he was a weakling, they knew it as well, but at least the facade of mutual respect held things together. He paused once more to give his leg a rest and promised that this time he will ignore the pain, catch up with sailors, keep pace...

When a hairy, dog-like head appeared from one of the trees, he didn't believe his eyes. A part of his brain decided that it's too much, and so Alano stood breathless and motionless while a grinning beast silently approached him.

A loud bang of a pistol freed him from this stasis. The dog creature was lying a few yards away; its left eye, where the bullet entered the skull, was a bloody mess. A scent of burned powder spread in the air. Sudden rush of thoughts swarmed Alano's mind, as if trying to dominate his will: "What species is that thing? The powder got wet, it wouldn't have ignited. I think I screamed. Is it canidae or felidae? Is it even carnivora? Did I almost die? Is it edible?"

Scowling fiercely, Will strode over to where Alano lay prone. *Smack* The backhanded blow struck Alano squarely on the cheek. "Come to your senses man! Next time you fall out of file like that I'll feed you to the beasts myself. Now get on your feet and march."

Shaking his head at Will took his place at the head of the line and ordered the men to move out. The sailors cast uneasy glances between themselves and gave a wide berth to the still warm corpse of the unknown creature as they fell into line behind Will.

Components record[править]

Isle of Teeth
- {{#replace:sinister reputation, reefs and rocks surrounding|, |
- }}
Will Bowyer, seadog
- {{#replace:armed sailor, experienced navigator, disrespects Alano, intolerant of weakness|, |
- }}
- {{#replace:disrespect Alano|, |
- }}
Alano, biologist
- {{#replace:wounded, lucky, disrespected by sailors, fascinated by dog things|, |
- }}
Master component:
Dog things
- {{#replace:ugly, nasty bite, fact: unknown species|, |
- }}
Small rowboat

Bidding for the scene[править]


Bleah. All the things I want to do are going to take more coins than I've got. I'll forfeit the one coin left from my bid and end the scene. So with a refresh rate of 8 for three players, that'll bring us to...

EvilCat: Coin.gif12

GiacomoArt: Coin.gif12

NeonWhite: Coin.gif25

For framing the next scene, I'll bid 5 coins.

--GiacomoArt 04:32, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


My bid is 9 coins to frame the next scene.

I must say it felt odd initially to have the scene end so abruptly, but after a moment's reflection I guess it works fine. We can always recall the scene later if we so wish. Interesting to see this mechanic at work - it feels very movie like! Interested to hear your thoughts on whether Santiago's introduction was strictly part of scene 3, or whether it was really a cut away to a separate scene which then merged/caught up to scene 3. I'm not suggesting anything be changed, but just trying to get a feel for how things ought to flow.

Regarding the site, Cat, would it be possible to have a separate place for comments and game moves. Also, when bidding to frame the next scene, it is hard to avoid seeing the previous bids once one goes into edit. I had to decide the number of coins I wanted to bid and only then click 'edit'. I suppose this is workable as long as we remember to decide our bid beforehand.

Neonwhite 09:42, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


I bid !3 Coins!. The scene goes to Neon %)

I'm all for cinematic scene flow, abrupt scene endings worry me a little too. We probably should use Complications more. Are you ready for them? Anyway, the scene is in your hands %) Also, wikis have a built-in discussion page mechanism, see tabs above.

EvilCat 10:15, 19 April 2009 (UTC)



  • Location: Isle of Teeth Coin.gif1
  • Time: Present (0 coins)
  1. Will and his men arrive on the island
  2. They head inland in search of a route to the high ground
  3. Alano starts to fall behind the rest of the group
  • Will Bowyer (Coin.gif1 to introduce)
  • Men (Coin.gif1 to introduce)
  • Small rowboat Coin.gif1
  • Alano, wounded Coin.gif2
  • The Isle of Teeth Coin.gif3
    • Sinister reputation
    • Reefs and rocks surrounding

New coin count for Neonwhite: 25 - 12 = Coin.gif13 left

Neonwhite 12:08, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


  1. Dog creature attacked Alano.
  2. A sailor shot the creature.
  3. Fact: the creature is of unknown species.
  • Dog things (4 coins), master component
    • nasty bite, ugly
  • Alano - new traits (4 coins, took over for 1 Coin):
    • biologist, lucky
    • disrespected by sailors (relationship trait, autotrait for Will and men: disrespect for Alano)
    • fascinated by the dog creature.

12 - (3 + 4 + 4 + 1) = 0. Oops, no coins %) }}

EvilCat 15:07, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Will - new trait (1 coin):
    • intolerant of weakness

13 - 1 = 12 coins left. }}

<End of Scene>

Neonwhite 08:37, 22 April 2009 (UTC)