Universalis 1/Scene 2

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[framed by EvilCat]

Another dead body with a stump instead of the head felhttp://rpground.ru/wikirpg/index.php?title=Universalis_1/Scene_2&action=editl into the raging waters. It was quickly torn to pieces by sharks. The clouds burst in a drenching rain. Heavy pour diluted the blood, but the sea surface still boiled as sharks challenged each other for corpses.

Veil of rain blurred the sight in two arms reach.

In all her years at sea, Nicole had never seen a squall hit so hard so fast. She known she'd been playing things close to continue pursuit of the galleon, but the prize had been to big, and the storm had seemed so far off. Now barely able to see, and having to shout to be heard above the howling wind by even her closest ally, it was already too late to call for any sort of organized retreat.

Out of the darkness, a shadow loomed. Nicole just managed to duck under the slashing saber, but before she could deliver her counterstrike, a wave crashing over the rail of the galleon had already carried the Spaniard away.

But the sloop's crew wasn't helpless kittens, half of them was hardened seadogs, and as whole they was drilled by Nicole to work as a team. The man at the sloop's wheel made a hard turn to follow the galleon against the elements. Two ship's boys took all effort to rearrange the sails to make it possible.

As the two ships and their crews battled the raging storm, the armed conflict devolved into a struggle for survival against the elements. Nicole clung desperately to a ladder just to keep from being swept away by the next great wave to come crashing over the railing, then staggered across the deck toward the nearest door in search of shelter. She ducked inside, only to find three Spaniards who'd beat her below deck grabbing for their pistols to level them at her. She slammed the door again between them and her, the balls narrowly missing her as they splintered little holes in the wood. As Nicole spun to look for another source of shelter, she felt the next wave slam into her. It knocked the breath from her lungs, spun her about dizzyingly, and tossed her like a rag doll. The next thing she knew, she had landed in water, desperately stroking for what she hoped was the surface...

In the next moment, Nicole felt a beat of rain on her skin and breathed in a dose of reviving air. Suddenly, the waves weren’t so large that they could overthrow a ship, but Nicole almost didn’t notice that. The situation dictated that survival is the top priority: she remembered too clearly of what happens to a body, alive or otherwise, fallen in the middle of sharks’ feast. With the rain washing all sight beyond several feet, even her strong spirit cowered before the fearful doubts.

Components record[править]

the Caribbean Sea Storm
- {{#replace:sinister, supernatural, violent, heavy rain (x2), howling winds, monstrous waves|, |
- }}
Spanish galleon
- {{#replace:cannons, huge|, |
- }}
Pirate sloop
- {{#replace:cannons, agile|, |
- }}
Master component:
armed sailor
- {{#replace:melee weapon, wheellock pistol|, |
- }}
Nicole Tissot, pirate queen Galleon's crew
- {{#replace:armed sailors, crew|, |
- }}
Sloop's crew
- {{#replace:armed sailors, crew, experienced, great teamwork|, |
- }}
- {{#replace:a slew|, |
- }}
Will Bowyer, seadog
- {{#replace:armed sailor, experienced navigator|, |
- }}
Ship's boys #1 and #2


Retro-log from LiveJournal


Same location, same time (1 Coin).

New trait:

  • Storm – violent, heavy rain (x2). (3 Coins)

Events (2 Coins):

  • Sharks feast on corpses.
  • Heavy rain blurred the sight.

-6 Coins, 14 left. giacomoart has 11 coins.


Take control of the storm (1 coin) and add traits...

  • howling winds (1 coin)
  • monstrous waves (1 coin)


New components:

  • Will Bowyer, seadog (4 Coins)
    • Armed sailor
    • Experienced in ship controls (this job is called "navigator", right?)
  • Ship's boys #1 and #2 (2 Coins)

New traits:

  • Sloop's crew - experienced, great teamwork (2 Coins)

Events (1 Coin):

  • The sloop's navigator is trying to follow the Spaniard.


Exit both ships, both crews, Will, and the two boys for a total of 7 coins. That leaves Nicole alone with the storm and the sharks, and me with 5 coins...


Events (1 Coin):

  • Nicole lost her weapons to the storm, except for the dagger (her rapier has sunk, and the pistol got wet).

Removed traits:

  • Storm (take over for 1 coin) - monstrous waves (1 Coin; no more “weather is more important than pirate queens”! %)
  • Nicole – armed sailor (1 Coin)

New traits:

  • Nicole – strong spirit, sympathetic character (2 Coins)

The scene ends.

-5 Coins, 5 left. giacomoart has the same.

If nobody challenges me on ending the scene, then after refreshment (8 coins) we have: katemare: 13 coins giacomoart: 13 coins