Universalis 1/Scene 1

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[framed by giacomoart]

The clash of steel and the roar of the cannon all but drowned out the sound of thunder as lightning crackled across the darkening horizon. A rising wind swirled through the acrid smoke that billowed up from a pair of sailing ships: a lumbering Spanish galleon locked into close combat with a smaller pirate vessel. By weight of numbers, the sides would seem to be evenly matched, but the red-haired woman leading the assault on the galleon cut a bloody swath through the the Spanish crew.

A rallying battle cry howled over the waves, as the red-haired demoness -- the pirate queen, Nicole Tissot -- pierced another foe. Her rapier went right through sailor's heart, while the dagger in her left hand averted the victim's final blow. With a disrespectful kick, the body was sent to the sea where a slew of sharks already waited for their next treat.

As the waves turned crimson from blood, storm became stronger. Clouds grew heavy and black, but it wouldn't rain. Waves raged more and more, and, finally, a lightning struck the sloop's mast.

[continued to Scene #2]


Retro-log from LiveJournal


Location: the Carribean Sea - sea (2 coins)

Time: present (0 coins)

Prop: storm (1 coin)

Prop: Spanish galleon (3 coin)

  • cannons
  • huge

Prop: pirate sloop (3 coin)

  • agile
  • cannons

Master Component: armed sailor (3 coins)

  • melee weapon
  • wheellock pistol

Character: galleon's crew (3 coins)

  • armed sailor
  • crew

Character: sloop's crew (3 coins)

  • armed sailor
  • crew

Character: Nicole Tissot - pirate queen (5 coins)

  • armed sailor
  • French
  • red hair

Event - pirates attack the galleon's crew (1 coin)

Coins: 24 starting - 24 spent = 0.


I take over Nicole and the storm, 2 coins.

Traits added:

  • Nicole - cruel, off-hand dagger (2 coins)
  • Storm - sinister, supernatural (2 coins)

New components:

  • Sharks, a slew (2 coins)

Events (4 coins):

  • Nicole slain an enemy sailor.
  • Waves turned red with blood.
  • The storm grew stronger.
  • A lighning struck the sloop's mast.

Coins spent: 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 12. 10 coins left.